Shepherds Ministry

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Ministry Goals

  • Share the grace, love, and joy of Christ with special needs individuals and families.

  • To provide a safe and welcoming environment for children with special needs to worship God and learn about Jesus.


Shepherds Ministry was formed to create an environment where special needs children have the opportunity to worship God and learn about the love and joy of Jesus. We want special needs individuals and their families to feel welcome at Asbury. 

We know that some special needs families are hesitant to leave their children during Sunday School or children’s church, so we have Shepherds Ministry members available every Sunday morning to assist your child and assure you that they are loved and taken care of. We also know that some special needs individuals are sensitive to certain sensory inputs and others crave it, so we have put together boxes with headphones and items such as fidget spinners, therapy putty, and stretchy balls that are available during worship and other events. 

We are developing ways to make the ministries and events at Asbury more inclusive for special needs individuals; we want to learn about each of our special needs friends and how we can nurture their abilities to increase their faith.

Every effort will be made to make your family’s worship experience a blessing. Due to spacing and ability of trained staff, not all of your child’s needs may be met in our ministry settings. In the event the safety of the individual or the group is compromised, a team, including caregivers, will be assembled to discuss a mutually beneficial plan of action.

Parent Resources

Let’s Go to Church

Let’s Worship Together “Downtown” 

What’s Sunday School?

Click here to fill out the Shepherds Ministry Information Form (so we understand how to best support child and his or her specific needs during fellowship and worship)


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